3-Phase hermetically sealed oil immersed distribution transformers technical specification

Description Unit Particulars
Rated Power KVA 100
HV & LV winding material Copper
Applied Standard IEC 60076
Primary Voltage KV 20
Secondary Voltage (at No-load) KV 0.4
Rated Primary Current A 2.89
Rated secondary current A 144.34
Frequency Hz 50
Vector Group Dyn11
Voltage Regulation % ±2 * 2.5%
Maximum Ambient Temperature °C 50
Maximum Temperature Rise for oil °C 50
Maximum Temperature Rise for winding °C 55
No-load losses (W) 260
Copper losses (at 75 °C) (W) 1475
Impedance Voltage (IEC Tolerance Applied) % 4
Transformer Type Hermetically Sealed
Cooling Method ONAN
Weight of oil kg 130
Total weight of transformer kg 680
Over all Dimensions Length x Width x Height mm 1150 x 760 x 1360

Tolerance in dimensions and weights ±10 %

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